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The Too Soft Virtual Vendor Record & CD Show

Welcome to the

Virtual Record Show!

Here's some vendors with Records, CD's, 45's, Memorabilia and More for Sale Directly

Please read each description carefully, the links will take you to their items for sale.

Stay safe and hope to see you all soon!


Seller: Michael Overn / Vinyl Rescue
Contact: vinyl-rescue.com
Discogs link: vinyl-rescue 
Store website: vinyl-rescue
I sell LP's in all genres: rock, psych, 60's, 80's, punk, jazz, fusion, soul, electronic, etc. 
SPECIAL OFFER: 20% off any order purchased direct via email and $4.00 domestic shipping for all orders, regardless of quantity. Curbside pickup (in Rockland County) is available if you want it. 


Seller: Nate Watts / WattsIsWhat
Contact: wattsiswhat
Compra discos de vinilo y CDs de wattsiswhat en el mercado online de Discogs


Seller: Jim Nealous
Contact: zoid

My Site: compact discount
Selling: CDs, DVDs, Bluray, Records
Customer Discount: Spend at least $20 and get free shipping use the code wayne in the Code Code box which is located under the titles in your cart then click enter key. I can move anything to my site from any other site I'm selling at.
Ebay: compact discount
Selling: Collectable items, Allergy Meds & Books
Amazon: compact discount
Selling: CDs, DVDs, Blurays & Books

Seller: McMickster / Jersey Girl Laserdiscs
Contact: mcmickster
I Sell: LP's / 45's / 78's / Laserdiscs
I Buy: Clean Lp's [Rock / Prog / Jazz ] / CD's / Laserdiscs
Ebay Link 1: jerseygirllaserdiscs
Discogs Link: Mcmickster
SPECIAL OFFER: 15% off any order purchased direct via email and $4.00 domestic shipping for all orders, regardless of quantity. Curbside pickup [Morris County] is available. Contact me: Bob Mickey Spillane to make an appointment to go through my show stuff in my woodshop. I'm available most days.


Seller: Raymond Sohmer
Contact: rwsmusic
Phone: 631-943-0838
I Sell: Music - Movie - Sport Memorabilia 
Ebay Link 1: rwsmusic
Other Link 1:Beatlememories Coming soon - one of the largest Beatles & Solo Beatles websites in the northeast.
Click on the Recommended Web Sites link for a large selection of Music, Sports, Movie & Superhero Memorabilia.

Seller:  Steve Caleca
Contact:  516-513-9604
I sell: Beatles memorabilia, underground comics, buttons, pins and Billboard magazines from the 70's.
Ebay link:  records-posters-and-stuff
Special offer: 10% off $20 and up


Seller: Phil Rainone
Contact: philipjrainone
Led zeppelin. 1 2 3, Queen 1. 2 night at the opera and hits, King Crimson. Court of the Crimson King. Larks tounge, Nirvana unplugged.  live in Redding. Never mind, Iggy and stogies raw power , Pink Floyd. Dark side. Wall, Black Sabbath. Self titled. Paranoid, Metallica kill em all ride the lightening. Master of puppets, Sam Cooke hits, Beatles. Sgt pepper.  Revolver, Pearl jam. 10, Sublime. Self titled. 20oz, Beach boys pet sounds. 2 copies, Bouncing souls. First 4 albums, Acdc. Dirty deeds.  back in black, Link Wray, Dick dale, Hendrix. Hits. Axis bold as love. Electric Maryland. In the West., Lou Reed. Transformer, Doors 1st album. La woman.  Strange days.  Morrison hotel, Kiss destroyer. Rock and roll over, Cream Disraeli gears. Wheels of fire, Lots more mint sealed albums! A pair of bookshelf speakers edifier p12 still in the box.

Realistic receiver sta 2290 and 2 book Shelf realistic speakers 40 watts each 8 ohms each. $225 for the system. Adcom receiver gfa 545 with the Roman numeral for number two. $175. Numark turntable t t 100. $100. Thorens turntable. TD 1800. $125.

I have 30 of the dr. Martens air-cushioned sole Wonder balm it was made in Spain comes in a container and the container is 10 mL it's a sponge and balm for Doc Marten boots I have 30 of these in the Box. I'm selling the whole box for $75. I also have a Doc Marten belt with the metal clasp and it's white weaved cotton doesn't have a size on it. It has a Doc Marten tag and the Buckle also says Doc Martens. I'm selling that for $20. I have three hardcover Doc Marten notebooks they're blank and they are about 12 x 10 in. Selling all three for $30. I have a Doc Marten hardcover book about the history of Doc Martin and it was printed in 1999 I'm asking $40 for the book.


I have a 4 record vinyl set of the Marx Brothers comedy also a ceramic mug of Groucho I have a Marx Brothers sweatshirt with the Marx Brothers on it size medium and the the color is white. I also have 3 Marx Brothers figurines plastic there are about 8 inches high. I also have a marsh Brothers poster that's about 3 foot by 2 foot. I also have an original poster for the Marx Brothers movie Animal Crackers In Color and that one also is about 3 foot by 2 foot selling it all for $ 75.

I have a hardcover book on John Lennon the title is box of vision and I'm asking $25.

I have a soft cover book Led Zeppelin called portraits by Neal Preston who was the main photographer for Zeppelin back in the day and I'm asking $20 for that. I have photos of any of the items I've mentioned and you would have to pick them up yourself.

I'm also looking for reggae punk and ska records to buy.


Seller: Andrew Farkas
Contact: srm11023

Chicago Group Portrait 4 CD Box Set. Spans the 1969-1980 era. All discs are clean. Booklet of the bandís history included. Some wear on the back side of the box.
Otherwise in phenomenal shape. Photos upon request.
VHS Lot (19 for $10 plus shipping): All films are widescreen editions. All films are opened except Psycho.
Opened films in shrink except Star Trek 3 and 4. Star Trek 2, Star Trek 3, Star Trek 4, Star Trek 6, Star Trek: First Contact, Dirty Harry, Eraser,
Executive Decision, Total Recall (1990), First Blood, Psycho (1960), Halloween (1978) (Bonus postcard insert), Scream, Body Snatchers (1978),
Carrie (1976), Assault On Precinct 13 (1976), Glory, Goodfellas, Negotiator. Photos upon request.

Seller: Tarabara - Fred Falk
Contact: fred
I Sell: Music Memorabilia (Press Photos, Posters), CD's, DVD's, Audio Books, Sheet Music/Song Books and More!
Ebay Link 1: FFALK-Music-CDs-DVDs-Posters-LPs
Ebay Link 2: igott153
Ebay Link 3: tarabara-nj
Discogs Link: ffalk
SPECIAL OFFER: 20% off any order over $10 purchased direct via email. Shipping extra. Please include title and item # and site where seen if available.


Seller: Marc Carfi
Contact: marccarfi
Cell: 914-582-2534
I Sell: LOTS OF CLEAN $4.00/ 3 FOR $10.00 L.P.'s. ROCK...POP...JAZZ...SOUL...MISC. LOTS OF $1.00  45's...SOUL...R.& B....OLDIES. LOTS OF  $1.00 CD's & $2.00 / 3 for $5.00 D.V.D.'s. ALSO $4.00 / 3 fr $10.00 BLUE RAYS.
Other: Selling by appointment in Peekskill, NY



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